Stefania Stanciu

She joined Magda Volonciu and Associates team at the secondary office in Constanta in 2010, by making a transition from her activity in a public institution to a private practice. Having experience in understanding the functioning of organizational structures, she is actively involved in solving her clients problems, but also in identifying solutions in order to prevent potential problems, offering consultancy and support in drafting internal regulations, policies and procedures

Proving a real interest in the theoretical aspects of labor law, she participated at numerous conferences and training sessions, in Romania and abroad. This recommended her as the right choice for the management of the collaboration with the L&E Global Alliance. This collaboration brought her the opportunity to work for international clients, giving her a fresh perspective in the way she manages her clients’ problems. She is valued as a hard working person and appreciated for her charismatic approach and the attention she pays to the direct collaboration with the individuals involved at the organizational level.