Prof.Magda Volonciu, Phd.

Founding Member and Coordinating Partner of Magda Volonciu and Associates, Mrs. Volonciu offers through her extensive experience a complete perspective over labor law related matters. Renowned Professor and PhD Supervisor, she contributed to the development of the study of labor law, publishing numerous specialized studies. To her academic and publicistic activity she adds a practical experience of over 25 years, that is proven both by providing solutions to the clients problems and by her direct involvement in creating an adequate legal frame for the labor market

This combination of theoretical activity with practical experience has earned her unanimous recognition as a complete specialist in labor law, both at a national and at an international level. Over the time she was awarded a number of titles and awards in recognition of her professional qualities and since 2007 she was constantly ranked in the professional elite by Chambers and Partners, world renowned legal publication. She was nominated as “the most influential Romanian labor law lawyer” in 2009 and was recognized as a true “Dean of Romanian labor law”.

Dedicated to the legal field she pursuits since the beginning of her career, Mrs. Volonciu offers her clients accurate consultancy in an area with a wide legal frame, that still often proves badly shaped.

Her direct involvement in collective bargaining has earned her a well disserved fame as a hard specialist in negotiation. Mrs. Volonciu professional activity is completed by a constant presence in court, where she is recognized as an elegant litigator.

To Magda Volonciu and Associates team she was always a mentor and a model of professional activity, contributing in a decisive manner to the professional training of generations of labor law specialized lawyers.


Marcela Antoniu

She started her lawyer career in our team, joining us in November 2016 as Mrs. Volonciu’s junior lawyer.

Graduated from the Law Faculty ” Simion Bărnuțiu ” from Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu in 2014.

Member of the Bucharest Bar Association since 2016.