Maria Dobre
Meritocracy Diligence
Partner & Founder | Based in Bucharest
Partner and founding associate of SCA Magda Volonciu and Associates, Mrs. Maria Dobre contributed from the very beginning to the establishment and development of the team, adding on the confidence and discipline essential for the functioning of a solid organizational structure. With an extensive experience in the legal field, and operating both in the public and private sectors, Mrs. Dobre has first of all gained over the time, recognition as a formidable litigant.

Mrs. Maria Dobre was repeatedly placed in the top of the national employment lawyers, in the rankings established by renowned publications, being recognized as a skillful litigator and appreciated for her negotiator skills and for her expertise in collective dismissals and especially in insolvency-related dismissals. She is also appreciated for the advice provided to numerous renowned companies, to cope with the effects of the labor reform. She has played a key role in the planning and development of strategies in relation with the social partner.

With tenacity and total involvement dedicated to the cause of the clients, Mrs. Dobre fully demonstrated not only a well-founded and vast knowledge, but also a spontaneous spirit, and a real force to impose her point of view, always well-argued and valid.
Mrs. Maria Dobre is a member of EELA.
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