Luiza Lungu
Loyalty Longevity
Senior attorney | Based in Bucharest
Luiza Lungu is a Senior Associate at Magda Volonciu and Associates and joined the team in 2013.

Since then, her legal activity has focused on representing clients in front of courts, in various employment law litigations, such as cases regarding salary rights, disciplinary sanctions, dismissals, amongst others, but also drafting and implementing various internal procedures at Employers' level, offering assistance in disciplinary procedures, professional evaluation procedures, collective dismissal procedures and in negotiating and drafting collective labor agreements.

Moreover, the consultancy provided addresses daily issues encountered in the activity of employers, in alignment with legislative changes in employment law. She gained significant experience in collective negotiations and dismissals, assisting clients during reorganization procedures.

She holds a PhD in Employment Law and is teaching as an Assistant Professor at University “Titu Maiorescu” Bucharest.
Luiza Lungu is a member of the Romanian Society for Labor and Social Security Law, affiliated to the International Society for Labor and Social Security Law.
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